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In the 1920s, started the promotion of the Mexican muralism with and political and social messages in regards to the post Mexican Revolution government.

It was headed by the big three painters, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.
From the 1920s to about 1970s several murals with political, social and nationalistic messages were created on public buildings, starting a tradition which continues to this day in Mexico, generating a high impact in the whole American Continent.

Mexico has a tradition of painting murals, starting with the Olmec civilization in the pre Hispanic period and into the colonial period, with murals mostly painted to evangelized and reinforce Christian doctrine.

The first Mexican mural painter to use philosophical themes in his work,  was Juan Cordero in the mid 19th century. Also he did mostly work with religious themes.

Gerardo Murillo as well known as Dr. Atl is   considered to be the modern Mexican muralist with the idea that Mexican art should reflect Mexican life.

The first modern Mexican mural, painted by Atl, was a series of female nudes using Atlcolor a substance Atl invented himself, very shortly before the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

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-Elena Gutierrez

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